Review of Hotel Labamba (2023)

Hidden in plain sight and known by only those who want exclusivity, stands Hotel Labamba.

Currently lodged in the hotel are Sexy Ella (a popular Instagram influencer) and her rich boo, loud-mouthed Big Berry, whom she met online and who just flew in from North Cyprus.

Posh and suave Halil Omar, who is in town to seal a deal and has his friends visiting, and Pearl, who is on a clandestine meeting with her husband’s best friend, are also lodged in the hotel.

Not left out are the hotel staff with their different quirks and idiosyncrasies. Someone winds up dead, and everyone in the hotel is a suspect.

Will the killer be caught in three days? And can the death be kept under wraps? Who is the killer in Hotel Labamba?

The Cast 

  • Onyekachi ‘Kachi’ Nnochiri – Daniel
  • Pierce Chibueze Mgboke – Other Detective
  • Arielyn Bassek – Real Halil
  • Idowu ‘Yemolee’ Adeyemi – Scodi
  • Attah ‘Sir Dee’ Daniel – Halil
  • Tracey George
  • Karen Spikes – Efe
  • Tomiwa ‘Sage’ Kukoyi – Lummy
  • Bimbo Ademoye – Detective Zizi
  • Chibuzor Iheukwumere – Waiter
  • Lilian Afegbai  – Ella
  • Chris Iheuwa – Chief
  • Michael Ejoor – Bar Man
  • Blessing Jessica Obasi-Nze  – Detective Ofure
  • Okey Jude – Manager Etim
  • Etinosa Idemudia – Carol
  • Lateef Adedimeji – Big Berry
  • Femi Adebayo – SIU Head Detective
  • Bolaji Ogunmola – Pearl

The Crew

  • Produced by: Laide Daramola
  • Directed by: Biodun Stephen
  • Written by: Frances Okeke

The first few minutes of Hotel Labamba make you wonder what kind of slapstick comedy this movie is, but you stay watching.

Then, the movie eventually opens to the investigative side, still funny but methodical. It is a crime comedy, and while it is not the best, it is still a good watch. It provides some laughter. Sometimes, the comedy is overstretched, but you still get a fair story.

Most actors overact in this movie; they must believe they must be over the top for the comedy to come through.

Blessing Jessica Obasi-Nze’s comedic role starkly contrasts Bimbo Ademoye’s completely cool, almost icy exterior in this movie. The comedy is mostly forced but still elicits some chuckles.

The investigative part of the movie has more merit than the comedic part. The investigation is systematic and focused, and while the ending is not a complete surprise, resolving the conflict in the movie is okay.

The production incorporates several unnecessary characters whose roles add little to the movie. It feels like someone is doing them a favor to feature in the movie.

We are at the movie’s end before we see any major background story about any of the characters, which prolongs the movie, leaves too many loose ends, and makes it tedious to follow.

While the movie has no repeat watch value, it is okay as a one-time watch, alone or with friends.

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