A Weekend to Forget (2023) Movie Review

‘A Weekend to Forget‘ follows seven friends who reunite for a weekend getaway after years apart.

However, their reunion is not as smooth as they hoped, as old tensions and unresolved issues resurface. Things take a turn for the worse when one of the friends is found dead.

The Cast

  • Neo Akpofure
  • Elozonam Ogbolu
  • Uche Montana Nwaefuna
  • Ini Dima-Okojie
  • Daniel Etim Effiong
  • Erica Nlewedim
  • Stanley ‘Stan Nze’ Nzediegwu
  • Akin Lewis

The Crew

  • Produced by: Zulumoke Oyibo Onuekwusi
  • Directed by: Damola Ademola
  • Written by: Joy Isi Bewaji, Chiemeka Osuagwu

The start of this movie is deceptive in that it makes you think the story will go in a certain direction, but it goes in a different direction.

It is an action thriller, and I truly enjoyed the suspense and final reveal. There are slight errors in time-lapse, but it does not take away from the quality of the movie.

When the movie starts, you would think it is about the wickedness of the father, but you find out it is something different.

While it is a familiar story of a vacation gone wrong, the telling and the acting are refreshing. I like that the ending was abrupt, and no prolonged investigation was necessary except for the lines required by the censor’s board.

The acting is good, and the familiar faces give us a great performance. Ini Dima-Okojie is such an unlikely antagonist; the revelation is shocking. Erica Ewilem has been improving her craft since leaving Big Brother, but much work remains.

Daniel Etim Effiong is great in his role and has great chemistry with Ini. Stan Eze is your typical bad boy trying to portray a good boy, and when things reach a boiling point, his true character is revealed.

In movies worldwide, there is usually a single protagonist and an antagonist. It is not so in many Nigerian movies.

The pattern with Nollywood movies is that there is often no one individual as the lead actor. We usually see up to six lead actors sharing similar screen time, and that is what occurs in A Weekend To Forget. Most lead actors performed their roles well in this movie, except for a few.

The movie’s cinematography is not top-notch but works for the story. A large percentage of the movie takes place in a single location, and for the dark story it is, the mood is right.

The time-lapse issue has me wondering how all that happened in the period could have happened without discovery; that can be forgiven for the great story.

This movie has re-watch value as a suspense thriller with a touch of psychopathic element.

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