Hide and Seek (2021) Movie Review

The maxim, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” is true of the movie Hide And Seek. There are a lot of actors, and the movie leaves you confused. It is supposed to be a crime comedy, but it does not fully explore both genres, resulting in a tepid treatment of both genres.

To create suspense and tension, most of the action was left as flashbacks, leaving more confusion than suspense. At the conclusion of the movie, a lot of loose threads are left, and not in a good way.

Filler scenes are liberally used, conversations are not memorable, and action scenes are not believable.

In the end, Hide And Seek is supposed to be a satire of the Nigerian situation, but the treatment leaves much to be desired, and I need clarification on the movie. For example, those who are acting the crime part look like they are amused and not fully into the movie. The only redeeming quality of the movie is the comedic actors; even at that, a lot of the comedy falls flat.

The movie could have earned a 3 rating, but I keep wondering why I wasted my time watching it. The plot could have been tighter, resulting in a shorter movie, but we would never know. I hope the director does better in future attempts at satirical movies.

The Cast        

  • Dibor Adaobi  
  • Mojisola Adebanjo               
  • Bimbo Ademoye: Aishat
  • Demi Banwo: Orukpe
  • Fares Boulos: Ted Lugard
  • Olakunle Fawole        
  • Tosin Ibitoye      
  • Efa Iwara: Deji
  • Sani Mu’azu: Dr. Arzika
  • Akah Nnani: Chidi
  • Uche Nwaefuna: Nenrot
  • Jeff Nweke       
  • Helen Enado Odigie: Ivie
  • Kiki Omeili: Nnenna
  • Kunle Remi: James Kokori

The Crew

  • Bode Asiyanbi: co-producer
  • Abayomi Bello: executive producer
  • Tolu Lordtanner:  producer

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