Breath Of Life (2023) Movie Review

Breath of Life portrays the story of a former clergyman who loses everything he holds dear, including his faith, and goes on a journey of self-transformation when his Christian houseboy takes over his life.


Do not let the title of this movie deceive you; Breath Of Life is full of tragedy, comedy, romance, memorable dialogue, the whole gamut. It will make you laugh loudly, cry, get angry, and give you goosebumps.

This is a period movie (a period movie specifically refers to a film set during an earlier time—Editor), and the producers take some artistic license. Still, it is a well-thought-out and excellently acted production in terms of costume, casting, dialogue, and location. The movie makes you think of what you would do in the same situation.

Ademola Adedoyin and Wale Ojo have great screen chemistry, though they do not interact, as they play the same role. The younger and older versions of the character are done seamlessly, and you would believe they were the same person grown old. Wale Ojo is such a delight to watch. Despite his many years of acting, he takes every role as if it were his first time, and he acts with all passion, leaving everything on stage.

Ademola has had multiple movie roles, mostly tilting towards a quiet villain. Seeing him as a reverend gentleman who is eventually pushed to revenge and becomes a recluse is amazing. Tina Mba has just a cameo appearance, but the way she acts the role, you would think it is the lead role.

Chimezie Imo, as Elijah tugs at your heartstrings, you begin to anticipate his quirks and mannerisms. Genoveva Umeh has already established herself in Nollywood, and this role is made for her. She embodies the role perfectly, expresses passion and exudes charisma on the screen. There is good chemistry between her and Chimezie; you long for their sweet young love. Even their fights are filled with so much passion.

Some parts of the movie make you wonder, though. How did Timi maintain his wealth while being a hermit? How did he stay under the elements for nine days? Yet, these questions do not diminish the movie’s excellence.

The story is well woven, despite being fiction, you relate with some of the historical facts woven into it.

The locations provide a great backdrop for the story, and I recognize some places. The costumes are also designed to tell their own stories and demonstrate the stage of life the character is in or the emotions that they are expressing. This movie is set to be a classic and has a great rewatch value.

The Cast  

  • Wale Ojo – Timi
  • Ademola Adedoyin – Young Timi
  • Bimbo Manuel – Mr. Coker
  • Sam Dede – Chief Okonkwo
  • Chimezie Imo – Elijah
  • Eku Edewor – Bridget
  • Ashionye Michelle Raccah – Mrs. Okonkwo
  • Genoveva Umeh – Anna
  • Tina Mba – Mama Ayo
  • Chiedozie Nzeribe Sambasa – Baby Fire
  • Hugh Thorley – Magistrate
  • Melanie Atari – Alison
  • Taiwo Familoni – Family Doctor

The Crew

  • Bodunrin Sasore – Writer and Director   
  • Eku Edewor – Producer

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