Blood Vessel (2023) Movie Review

Brought together by chance, six people fleeing a town devastated by oil pollution stow away on a mysterious ship, not realizing the dangers that await.


The movie Blood Vessel is full of pain, tears, sorrows, gore, and death, right from the opening scene until the end. It is a sad thriller that stays true to its title. It is a well-acted movie. Of course, there are loose threads, but overall, it is a great movie.  

Based on the story, it has an international cast. While many of the cast are unknown, they report themselves well. They’re unknown works in their favor; you can judge them solely for their craft.  

The story begins in an unlikely way. You think it is going to be about the Niger Delta struggle, but it is a story of romance, pain, resilience, the desire for a better life by any means, a story of betrayal, trust, and freedom.

The deaths in this movie are paradoxical, both expected and a surprise when they happen, and the most unlikely person survives. Everyone was billed to die, which keeps the movie interesting and suspenseful.

Bimbo Manuel must have learned the Ijaw language to act in Blood Vessel, demonstrating why he is a respected actor. Francis Duru’s role in this movie is closer to a cameo; I wish we had more background stories.

Some of the loose threads in the story leave me with questions. How did the original crew get imprisoned? Who was steering the ship when all the killings were happening? What business is the ship involved with that makes it afraid of spies?

The acting is good, and all the actors give good performances. The storyline is relatable. The main plot stays true; it is some of the subplots that leave a lot of questions unanswered.


  • Dibor Adaobi          
  • David Ezekiel                    
  • Levi Chikere                 
  • Obinna Okenwa                   
  • Slyvester Ekanem       
  • Katerina Ataman       
  • Fares Boulos      
  • Alex Budin                   
  • John Dumelo                    
  • Francis Duru      
  • Alexis Ebi 
  • Pere Egbi                
  • Alexa Iniye       
  • Jidekene
  • Tigran Letov
  • Bimbo Manuel                  
  • René Mena                 
  • Ebele Okaro-Onyiuke                 
  • Joy Success
  • Haillie Sumney  


  • Roxanne Adekunle-Wright: Producer
  • Fafa Bello-Osagie: Producer
  • Charles Okpaleke: Executive producer / producer
  • Agozie Uzo Ugwu: Producer
  • Moses Inwang: Director

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