Momiwa (2024) Movie Review

I don’t recall when a movie made me struggle with emotions. Momiwa made me angry; I fought tears, got goosebumps, and laughed. As much as the conflict was predictable, it was still unexpected. Even the title is so much fun and relatable.

The movie utilized one of the best ways I have seen flashbacks used. Blessing Jessica Obasi is who she thinks she is and more.

The story of Momiwa is full of drama, comedy, and romance. It is one everyone can see themselves in. Whether you have experienced the situation or not, you know someone who could have experienced some of the issues highlighted in the movie.

The casting director deserves accolades; the actors ate up the roles. Blessing is the quintessential Momiwa, with a mix of compassion, strictness, and achieving goals. The movie is not told to us; we see the story unfold right before our eyes, with revelations made naturally without fanfare, which makes it even more powerful.

Before this, I had not seen Jessica as the lead in a cinema movie, but she deserves this role. There is no overacting for her! Every dialogue, facial expression, and action fits the role and the situation. Uzor is a fantastic actor, and he is gradually becoming a legend. He eats up the role of Dadiwa. Iyabo Ojo is not my favorite actor; she usually overacts, but in this role, she acts so well, and the actors’ screen chemistry is beautiful to see. Kudos to the director.

This movie has great rewatch value, and I am very glad to recommend it. Biodun Stephen is a great director, as far as Momiwa is concerned.

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