Tosin, a life coach and a social media influencer with the picture perfect life, years ago had a child from her stepfather whom she murdered.

Whilst still suffering from this traumatic event, she takes antidepressant pills to suppress the taunting memory.

Afraid to lose this new world built on lies, she does everything within her power to conceal it until she is threa…


Her Dark Past (2024)
Duration: 01:15:01
Country: Nigeria
Language: English, Yoruba
Director: Deborah Oluwatobi Ahmed, Samuel Oluwasegun Ogundeyi
Genre: Drama
Stars: Linda Ihuoma-Suleiman, Daniel Etim Effiong, Diana Egwuatu, Junior-Prince Unigwe, Iremide Adeoye, May Okanigbe, Vivian Anani, Ego Iheanacho, Fadekemi Olumide, Nadia Dutch


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