The Legend of Inikpi (2020) – Nollywood Movie Mp4 Download


Inspired by true events, The Legend of Inikpi tells the story of a well-loved Igala princess ‘Inikpi’ whose very breath holds the destiny of the Igala nation.

Set in the 16th century, before the coming of the colonialists, an impending war looms over the flourishing Igala Kingdom from the mighty Bini Kingdom led by Oba Esigie. To avert this war, King Attah Ayegba of I…


The Legend of Inikpi (2020)
Duration: 01:43:12
Title: The Legend of Inikpi
Year: 2020
Type: Movie
Country: Nigeria
Language: English
Director: Frank Rajah Arase
Genre: History
Stars: Odunlade Adekola, Nancy Ameh, Saidi Balogun, Sam Dede, Paul Obazele, Mercy Johnson Okojie
Subtitle: English


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